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I have tried to organize some of the posts into groups and provide a brief description.


In my opinion, a good attitude is a better indication of success than all of the certifications and courses that I have seen. When people talk about military boot camp, they forget that the real purpose is to change the soldier’s attitude so that he can work successfully as part of a team. Bad attitudes will always be destructive to the team.

Software Development and Debugging

This section contains information on the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) from obtaining requirements through development, debugging, installation, and maintenance. In the future, it may be divided into multiple sub-topics.

  • The User Has a Problem – Some of the information that you should collect when the user has a problem.
  • Javadocs and Maven – Javadocs are an automatic documenting tool for Java programs.  It extracts much of the information from analyzing the code itself and merges it with information from specially formatted comments.  Maven projects can automatically create Javadoc libraries and link them with the source code.
  • Java Logging Frameworks – These software libraries are very useful in monitoring the performance of a program and detecting problems.
  • Actual Requirements – Just because something isn’t listed in the written requirements document, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t a requirement.
  • The jQuery Object – Some information about jQuery.

Database Design

Internet and Social Media