If you want to get the most out of a MeetUp (http://www.meetup.com) account, there are several things that you can do to allow others on MeetUp to learn more about you.  This can improve the results from attending meetings.

You will find a silhouette inside a circle near the top of your MeetUp page.  Clicking here yields a menu that allows you to get to the various MeetUp groups together with the profile and settings for your account.

Use the little silhouette in a circle to get to the options for setting your profile.

Clicking on Profile will then reveal the menu for editing your profile.

Adding links and a biography

If you click on the word Edit under Networks, you can add links to your account information.  This will allow people who met you at a meeting to easily find your FaceBook or LinkedIn account.  Clicking on Add a Bio will allow you to add a block of text.   In this way you can allow people who are considering going to a meeting or who met you at a meeting to find more information about you.

There are also options that are specific for each group that you belong to.  If you click on the group name on the menu at the top and then move the cursor over the section marked My Profile, you will see the following.


Clicking on View Profile will then open a window containing your profile information for that group.GroupProfile

You can then click on Edit Profile to create an introduction that is specific to that group.